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Our Services

Application Back-ends

We develop online back-ends supporting any kind of web or mobile application, and deliver them as turnkey solutions. Just focus on your app, we take care of the cloud.

Any kind of business logic can be implemented server-side: user management, file storage, search capabilities, social media interactions, you name it!

We follow state-of-the-art design principles, exposing the backend to your app as a REST API and making sure it is available, reliable, secure and scalable.

Don't want to bother with hosting the backend service? We can take care of this too!

Case-study: Wecapser

Wecapser is the next generation of social networks where users can share geo-tagged caps with their friends.

Additive Labs has developed and is operating Wecapser's mobile back-end providing user management, social graph interactions and geospatial searches.

Technologies: Azure cloud services, Azure service bus, CouchDB, Redis

NoSQL Expertise

We hold professional experience in running, configuring and interfacing with most NoSQL engines, including MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, Azure DocumentDB and Neo4j.

If you plan to modernize your IT and leverage the flexibility and scalability of a NoSQL database, we can assist you in making the right choice of NoSQL engine and support its integration in your systems.

On-premises to the Cloud

These days, people expect to access services and information through a number of channels: web sites, desktop apps, smartphones, tablets... This is painful to achieve for companies trying to API-fy their legacy infrastructure.

We support them by bridging their existing services to cloud-hosted backends, literally opening their IT systems as standard web APIs.

This is done with a strong emphasis on security, making sure that the new APIs follow their existing rules and policies.

Case-study: MaBelle

One of the leading jewellery retailers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, MaBelle created a developer portal that enables third party developers to interact with their e-commerce platform.

Additive Labs designed and developed the cloud-hosted web API that opens MaBelle's IT infrastructure in a scalable and secure fashion.

Technologies: Azure service bus